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Franchise Business Management Essentials eClass

Franchise Business Management Essentials eClass

Whether you're looking to buy a franchise, or have recently become a franchisee you need to gain an understanding of how to manage a small business effectively. This program can also be customised for use by franchisors to complement their existing training systems.

Most franchisors don't address business management in their training for franchisees, instead focusing more on the operational aspects of running the business - that's where this online short course can help. 

The Franchise Business Management Essentials eClass has been designed to fill the skills gap.  The course:

  • Covers the business skills you'll need to run a successful business
  • Is designed for small business operators and franchisees
  • Incorporates the latest franchise research and best practice examples to accelerate your success
  • Fills the gap left by some franchisor training programs, which focus more on operational aspects of the franchise than key business skills
  • Ideal for people with no or limited previous business experience
  • Receive 24/7 online access for 12 months
  • Earn Certified Franchise Executive education points

I strongly advise that new and existing franchisees take this course to better understand both sides of the Franchise industry - Franchisee & Franchisor, Robyn Woodroff

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Franchise Business Management Essential eClass modules overview:

Module One - Preparing Budgets and Cash Flow Forecasts (Duration: 43min plus activities)

  • Understand the flow of cash through your business
  • Learn the difference between cash flow and profit
  • Causes of cash flow problems and how to address them
  • Identify the difference between fixed and variable costs, and how these affect cash flow
  • Basics for managing cash flow
  • Understanding pricing and margin issues and how these can affect cash flow and the viability of your business
  • How to predict future performance through sales forecasts and expenses and cash flow forecasts

Module Two - Managing Staff and Supply Chains (Duration: 52min plus activities)

  • Understand of how to assess your employment needs
  • Difference between outsourcing and employing staff
  • How to define, structure and evaluate jobs to ensure best fit with your needs 
  • Understanding the total cost of staff
  • Cash flow implications of hiring
  • Basic recruitment tips
  • How to assess your business’ supply requirements
  • Understand how your business and its supply chain work together to create value for the end customer
  • Legal issues in supply arrangements

Module Three - Introduction to Small Business and Franchise Marketing (Duration: 1hr 25min plus activities)

  • Role of marketing
  • Marketing basics - the four P’s of marketing
  • Responsibilities of franchisees and franchisors to undertake marketing
  • Requirements under the Franchising Code of Conduct for the operation of a marketing fund
  • Type of costs that may be incurred by a marketing fund
  • Local area marketing requirements
  • Tactical and guerrilla marketing

Module Four - Managing Growth and Identifying Opportunities (Duration: 44min plus activities)

  • How to grow an existing business
  • Improving bottom line performance
  • Enhancing management capabilities
  • How to recognise and capitalise on opportunities for growth 
  • Improving financial performance through understanding the profit contribution of five key variables
  • Growing within the franchise
  • Multiple-unit franchising
  • Reviewing business and legal structures

Module Five - Franchise Conflict Causes and Resolutions (Duration: 31min plus activities)

  • Understand common causes of conflict in franchise relationships
  • Key findings of franchise conflict research
  • Franchise dispute resolution and the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • What happens when conflict occurs
  • What is a breach notice
  • What is a notice of dispute
  • What happens at a mediation
  • Minimising future potential for conflict

Module Six - Profiting When Exiting Your Business (Duration: 36min plus activities)

  • How to prepare for an orderly exit from your business
  • Maximising your return on investment when you sell
  • Four dimensions of business exit
  • Preparing a business for sale
  • Business valuation methods
  • How to determine a sale price
  • How to compile an Information Memorandum to assist buyers with their due diligence and facilitate the sale process
  • Involving the franchisor in the sale of a franchisee's business
  • Common restraint of trade provisions
  • Other conditions which may exist after the sale

Packages and Pricing

Customisation includes:

  • Video welcome with franchisor / CEO
  • Interviews with 5 of your selected franchisees in Brisbane, rather than the existing external franchisees. (Audio or electronic interviews with interstate franchisees are possible)
  • Your logo on your unique e-class pages, co-branded with Griffith University and hosted by the Centre
  • Can be linked to in your intranet site with a unique password for your franchise
  • A report on the volume of usage of the program
  • Ability to add resource links at the end of  e-classes. For example, you could recommend an internal document to read or contact details for an internal expert in your franchise
  • Certificate of Completion with Griffith University logo
  • 100 users (franchisees and staff) can access the course in a 12 month period.
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