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Are you a prospective franchisee looking to buy a franchise in 2017? If yes, watch our Educational Video below ‘Top 5 things you should NOT do when you buy a franchise’, then continue learning with our Q&A Webinar recordings from January with author Elizabeth Gillam from Franchise Success, and former multi-brand franchisee (Boost Juice, Healthy Habits & Bucking Bull).

Learn the mistakes to avoid when buying a franchise? Elizabeth has purchased franchises three times and knows there are small mistakes that can easily be made at the start of the franchise journey, that can then turn into huge problems further down the track, i.e. not doing proper due diligence or engaging experienced franchise professionals.

If you are thinking of buying a franchise, we can help you to avoid some common mistakes with our special Educational Video ‘Top 5 things you should NOT do when you buy a franchise’ from Elizabeth Gillam and Kerry Miles, and followed by four Q&A Webinar recordings from January. That's 50 questions answered in the videos for free to assist your franchise journey.

Please review our Educational Video as many times as you like and share this with your franchise partners. We are happy to receive any questions you may have on becoming a franchisee. Please feel free to email your questions to us at 

The Live Q&A Webinars were held on January 9, 16, 23 and 30, and provide a valuable source of pre-entry to franchising information.



This thought-provoking video is designed to get prospective franchisees thinking more deeply about the ramifications of the franchise journey on which they are embarking, so they will be as prepared as possible for all the challenges coming their way.

This includes questioning their own motivations and aspirations as well as gaining a greater understanding of the franchise model and everything that is actually involved in becoming a franchisee.



Please watch the Q&A webinar recordings here:

  • January 9

  • January 16

  • January 23

  • January 30

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