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Franchise Management Research

The Centre researches a range of franchise management topics, from franchisee business survivability and building value in franchising, to franchisee support, technology in franchising, branding, marketing and more.

Below you can review a list of all franchise management research publications per category. 

Latest Franchise Management Research

Survival of the Fittest 

The Survival of the Fittest research identifies survival factors for franchisees and small business operators during uncertain economic times.  The research, conducted by the Centre and funded through an Australian Research Council Linkage grant with Treasury and the Franchise Council of Australia, compares surviving and failed small businesses and identified 14 key factors that influence business success.

Franchise Performance Metrics

The Franchise Performance Metrics research explores franchisor performance from a sector-wide perspective, highlighting best practice benchmarks as well as opportunities and challenges.  The research was conducted in partnership with Avatar Consulting and reveals benchmarks for more than 50 key metrics, including performance averages of the top 20 percent respondents compared to the rest of the sector so franchisors can see where they should be aiming. 

Franchise Management Research Areas

Branding and Marketing

  • Weaven, S & Grace, D and Jones, R 2009, 'Exploring brand extensions in the context of Franchising', Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Melbourne.
  • Wright, O & Frazer, L & Merrilees, B 2005, 'McCafe: The McDonald's co-branding experience', Journal of Brand Management, vol 14, no 6, pp.442-457.
  • Merrilees, Bill & Frazer, Lorelle 2006, 'Entrepreneurial franchisees have hidden superior marketing systems', Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, vol 9, no1, pp.73-85.

Franchisee Recruitment

  • Wright, O & Weaven, S & Winzar, H 2009, 'What do Potential Franchisees look for in a Franchise? An exploratory investigation using signalling theory', Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Melbourne. 
  • Bennett, Stephen & Frazer, Lorelle & Weaven, Scott 2009, 'Is the franchising model attractive to independent small business operators?', International Society of Franchising Conference. Download full conference paper (PDF 124KB).
  • Bennett, Stephen & Frazer, Lorelle & Weaven, Scott 2007, 'How can suitable franchisees be more successfully recruited?', Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference. Download full conference paper (PDF 82KB).

Managing franchisees 

  • Weaven, S & Grace, D & Manning, M 2009, 'Franchisee Personality: An examination in the context of franchise unit density and service classification', European Journal of Marketing, vol 43, no 1/2, pp. 90-109.

Support Services

  • Grunhagen, Marko & DiPietro, Robin & Strassen, Robert & Frazer, Lorelle 2007, 'The effective delivery of franchise services: A comparison of U.S. and German support practices for franchisees', International Society of Franchising Conference. 

Technology in Franchising

  • Rao, Sally & Frazer, Lorelle 2005, 'The use of Internet-based Technologies in Australian Franchise Systems: A preliminary study'.

Building value in franchising

  • Grace, Debra & Weaven, Scott (2011) 'An empirical analysis of franchisee value-in-use, investment risk and relational satisfaction', Journal of Retailing.

Women in Franchising

  • Weaven, S & Issac, J & Herington, C 2007 'Franchising as a path to self employment for Australian female entrepreneurs', Journal of Management and Organisation, vol 13, no 4, pp. 345-365.
  • Weaven, Scott & Herington, Carmel 2006, 'Female Franchisors: How different are they from female independent business owners?', Academy of Marketing Science Review, vol. 2006, no.7.
  • Weaven, Scott & Frazer, Lorelle & Merrilees, Bill 2006, 'The male dominated franchising environment fails to attract women', 3rd International Business Research Conference, Melbourne. Download full conference paper (PDF 100KB).