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How to Franchise Your Business

Can my business be franchised? What skills do I need to be a good franchisor?

An online class you can do anywhere, anytime.

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Have you ever wondered if your business could be franchised? How do you know if franchising is the best growth model for your business? What skills do I need to be a good franchisor? These are the sorts of questions that plague most budding franchisors.

If you have built up your own business and want to determine its suitability to be franchised, and understand everything that will be involved in reaching that goal, then this is the course for you.

Franchising is no longer just found in its traditional domain of retailing. It has spread its wings into all aspects of consumer and business-to-business products and services, and the possibilities for franchising success are endless.

This new introductory course has been specifically designed to provide the foundational knowledge for prospective franchisors to determine the suitability of their business for franchising, before more detailed analysis and preparation is then undertaken.

The How to Franchise eClass sets the scene for anyone interested in exploring the pathway to franchising.

The starting point is to assist in determining the suitability of franchising as a viable expansion model for your business, and then deliver insights into the long-term commitment and hard work required to make it a success, and the actionable outcomes to get you there.

By providing a better knowledge base for aspiring franchisors on what is actually involved in franchising and its suitability for their business, this innovative new course seeks to set solid foundations for those looking to embark on their own franchise journey.

Don’t spend money on consultants or advisors until you do this class.  It will give you the foundational knowledge to brief and manage consultants, saving you valuable time and money.

Key learning outcomes for participants in the How to Franchise eClass include:

  • The ability to understand available alternative business options
  • Knowledge of specific franchising requirements
  • Sufficient understanding to assess the suitability of franchising for your business
  • Knowledge of specific skills required to be a successful franchisor
  • Understanding the steps to franchising your business
  • Understanding the steps to franchising your business
  • Receive 24/7 online access for 12 months
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Frequently asked questions about our How to Franchise eClass

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone interested in exploring a pathway to becoming a franchisor
  • Existing businesses wanting to expand using franchise model
  • Entrepreneurs thinking about setting up a franchise business

When should you do the course?

  • When you’re ready to seriously asses if becoming a franchisor is right for you

Why should you do it now?

  • Make a start now and get the answers to your questions about becoming a franchisor. We give you access for twelve months so that you can continue to revisit the content as move through your franchisor journey

Don't delay - determine the suitability of your business for franchising

How to Franchise Your Business Online Short Course covers:

  • Introduction to, and understanding, the alternatives
  • Franchising Considerations
  • Specific Franchising Requirements
  • Skills Required to be a Successful Franchisor
  • Important Steps to Franchising Your Business
  • Your Action Plan to Franchising Success

Plus, Our Online, On-Demand Online Short Courses are Convenient

  • Students get access to the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can view, rewind, fast-forward, or review each module any time
  • Questions? Get support from our team via email

How to Franchise Your Business online short course
To order, please contact Kerry Miles at

How to Franchise eClass product listing

How to Franchise Your Business course modules overview:

The class will take approximately 10 hours to complete and you will have 6 months access to the program so you can revisit the program as many times as you need.

Module One – Introduction to, and understanding, the alternatives

  • Overview of the alternative business options such as organic and investor growth, agency and distributor arrangements, and licensing
  • Explore why franchising might be the appropriate model to pursue
  • Examine key determining factors such as motivation and constraint

Module Two – Franchising Considerations

  • Highlight areas for consideration when assessing the suitability of franchising for your business, including market demand, competitors and scalability of systems
  • Understand the need to establish two businesses – the franchisor business and the franchisee business
  • Acknowledge the commitment required and the long-term nature of the relationship
  • The implications and expectations of franchise fees

Module Three – Specific Franchising Requirements

  • Highlight specific obligations and requirements involved in franchising
  • Understand the legal and ethical obligations of franchisors
  • Introduction to the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Importance of franchisor and franchisee documentation and systems management
  • Broad business knowledge and mentorship and the ability to support franchisees

Module Four – Skills Required to be a Successful Franchisor

  • Overview of the specific skills required to be a successful franchisor
  • Provide personal insights into participants’ relative strengths and areas for improvement
  • Examine business strategy, planning and execution and finance management 
  • Understand your market and effective marketing
  • Importance of brand stewardship, product innovation, operational and support systems
  • Managing relationships with franchisees, suppliers and customers

Module Five – Important Steps to Franchising Your Business

  • Identify the important steps required to successfully franchise your business
  • Provide sufficient understanding to facilitate the journey to franchising success
  • Develop the compelling concept and the franchisor-franchisee business model
  • Establish a pilot franchisee operation
  • Develop franchise management systems
  • Recruiting franchisees and franchisee funding 
  • Manage the brand and the business

Module Six – Your Action Plan to Franchising Success

  • Learn from previous modules to develop an appropriate action plan for your business
  • Assist in the development of an immediate action plan to continue the franchise journey
  • Is franchising right for your business? Are you right for franchising or do you have the right product and necessary skills to succeed in franchising?
  • Can you develop the necessary systems and documentation to assure success for the both franchisor and the franchisees?
  • Can you manage the franchise into the future? Do you have access to the necessary finances? 
  • Examine the need to undertake further research and to engage an advisor.
  • Develop and an actionable business plan with timeframes
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