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Put the personality of your franchise brand out there to accelerate growth

By Centre Contributor

Put the personality of your franchise brand out there to accelerate growth

Being open to taking risks and putting yourself ‘out there’ in the public eye are crucial ingredients for fast tracking the growth of a franchise brand.

That’s a key message from Michael Sherlock, the former Managing Director of Brumby’s Bakeries, who will host the next Franchise Growth Masterclass on 18 May 2017.

An Adjunct Professor at Griffith University’s Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, Michael was renowned for a pro-active public relations strategy that reaped rich rewards for Brumby’s Bakeries under his leadership.

He drove the growth of Brumby’s from an ailing set of shops to 320 outlets across Australasia, and share price growth from 56c to $3.40 in just over three years, before selling the business to Retail Food Group in 2007 for $46 million.

This impressive track record, and his extensive consulting and mentoring to franchise businesses since, makes Michael well qualified to guide franchisors on achieving rapid franchise growth.

One area where Michael believes that many franchises can work to significantly boost their public profile and generate positive growth for their business is in the area of public relations.

He acknowledges that this field has now broadened significantly from traditional PR into a wide range of new social and digital media platforms, but believes the concept of capturing the attention and imagination of the public, and highlighting the personality of your brand, remains the same.

Michael oversaw a number of attention-grabbing events that helped to raise the national profile of Brumby’s, including making the World’s Biggest Lamington, photo opportunities with The Wiggles, the Brumby’s staff band playing with legendary rocker Angry Anderson and Michael abseiling down the Kangaroo Point Cliffs in Brisbane.

He said these events and resulting media coverage generated priceless community profile and connection for Brumby’s. These would be even further multiplied today via social media platforms that allow companies to communicate directly to the public and also capitalise immediately on unplanned events such as positive feedback and experiences by customers.

Whether it is a traditional media or modern digital audience, the value comes from having a unique angle that captures attention. The head or public face of the company must also be open to taking risks and putting themselves and the personality of their brand ‘out there’.

“It is all about being innovative and taking risks,” Michael says. “There is an art to it that revolves around colour and movement, and if you can harness it to tell interesting stories about your brand you can get great exposure for your company for a relatively small cost outlay.”

Michael will host the upcoming Franchise Growth Masterclass in conjunction with business coach Alan Anderson, who was by his side on the Brumby’s growth journey. At this unique one-day event, Michael and Alan will guide attendees through a step-by-step process to drive franchise business growth. Attendees will also receive a complimentary follow-up consultation up to 90 days after the event to support the implementation process.

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