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The view from Europe – digital display innovations light up the retail experience

By Centre Contributor

The view from Europe – digital display innovations light up the retail experience

Customers’ desire for ‘colour and movement’ in their shopping experiences is driving an exciting new wave of retail innovations, merchandising technologies and point of sale installations.

That’s the view from Europe from Michael Sherlock, Adjunct Professor at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, who attended the Euroshop retail trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany in March.

Based on what he witnessed at Euroshop, Michael believes a number of innovative new retail technologies are heading our way that will continue to reinvent, energise and enhance the overall shopping experience.

He says the latest retailing innovations are all about catching customers’ eyes through colour and movement and then delivering a fun, exciting and interactive environment while they are instore.

Three of the standout innovations that he saw at Euroshop were:


Digital Display Screens

Michael predicts that an exciting new range of digital point of sale display technologies will soon be lighting up the stores of Australian retailers. Not your standard heavy, mounted single TV screen, but a multitude of small thin LED screens that can be placed throughout stores, from shopfronts and walls to fridge shelves and product displays. The small black mesh screens can be easily affixed to any surface to display advertisements, brandings and other visual marketing. “These digital screens were everywhere at Euroshop and while they appear black close up, when you stand back they are very vivid and bright and have a big impact while only taking up a small space.”


Smart Mirrors

Michael says new high-tech smart mirrors are set transform the dull, frustrating dressing room experience into a fun, interactive activity. The new smart mirror technologies include touch screen displays that can adjust the lighting in fitting rooms to make it more natural, take your body measurements, change the colour of clothing that you are trying on, and suggest complementary clothing and accessories. By tapping the smart mirror display screen, customers can also alert staff to their requirements for different sizes, colours and styles without having to leave the change room and carry various items in and out.


Recycling Vending Machines

Another new retail innovation that stood out to Michael at Euroshop was recycling vending machines. These high-tech machines provide an interactive experience for shoppers to recycle their used bottles and cans. They operate in reverse to a standard vending machine with customers inserting their used bottle or can, which is crushed inside the machine, and they then receive a refund in return. The refund can be in the form of an instore coupon or the amount can be donated to a local charity or school displayed on the machine. Michael says these machines deliver an engaging experience via the noise of the packaging being crushed and the charity donation aspect. He says it also provides an efficient and space saving recycling solution that is suitable to one store operators up to large food chains.


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