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2016-08-30 12:39:48
With more than 25 years of high-level experience with some of the biggest franchise brands in the world, Ian Martin says he has seen the “the good, the bad and the ugly” in franchising. Despite all of this, he remains a passionate advocate of the positives that the franchise model can deliver. “Franchising is a fantastic industry if you get the principles right and it all starts with a clear strategic direction,” he told the 2016 Franchise Management Forum. Ian’s latest franchising challenge is steering the new Asian Restaurant ... read more
2016-06-08 17:11:49
So you have a successful business or a great new business idea and you want to head down the path of becoming a franchisor? Do you fully understand the mechanics of the franchise model and what is required to make it a sustainable success, so that you can continue to grow the business and your brand for your future franchisees and as the custodian of the business? Taking the time to consider this upfront, before you make the leap into franchising, may just be the most important step that ... read more
2016-05-10 08:27:39
Have you ever wondered if you could franchise your business? If this is something you are thinking about, then you firstly need to ask yourself: ‘do I really know what franchising is?’ Here is a good description of what a business franchise is to get you started: Franchising is essentially the 'cloning' of a successful business concept. Under a franchise agreement, the owner, producer or distributor of a service or product (the franchisor) grants exclusive rights to an individual (a franchisee) ... read more
2016-04-12 17:34:39
You have a business and it is going great guns, so that must mean it is well placed to be expanded via franchising, right? Well, maybe! Having a successful ‘one-off’ business is no guarantee to this success automatically being replicated on a greater scale through the franchising model. In order to set solid foundations for a future in franchising, you must first aim to test whether your business is “proven” for this growth path – not only to yourself but also to potential franchisees. ... read more
2016-03-30 10:21:26
The short answer is – a lot more than you would think! All of the preparation work on systems, processes, documentation and trialling that go into getting a business to the stage that it can be franchised are a very big investment, both in terms of dollars and time. Unfortunately, many people with their own business who take the plunge into a franchising future do not find this out until they are already deeply immersed in and consumed by the process. The result is things that could ... read more
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