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2017-11-21 11:37:07
Our first international franchise delegation to China was a great success and we would love to hear your ideas and interest in future destinations for similar trips. We led a special franchise delegation to the key China growth cities of Shanghai and Chongqing in late October and early November with on the ground access and insights to local franchise systems, innovations, trends, contacts and opportunities. The short, sharp and franchise-focussed trip, covering just ... read more
2017-11-21 11:25:14
Franchisors planning to expand to China need to do their homework on the unique regulatory challenges they will confront, including the 2+1 requirement and a range of other legal obligations. China’s 2+1 requirement stipulates that franchisors intending to offer franchises in China must have first owned and operated two units under that franchise brand for at least one year somewhere in the world. As a general rule, the two units being owned by the ... read more
2017-11-21 11:06:16
China’s rapidly growing and increasingly affluent middle class is driving a powerful retail trend away from mass consumer products to more premium brands and demand for entertainment and social experiences. Our recent franchise delegation to China included a special retail presentation by global real estate firm CBRE on the dominant consumer dynamics in the Chinese retail market. The CBRE ‘China Retail Market - Key Challenges & Opportunities’ ... read more
2017-11-21 10:36:04
China is not what you think it is. That’s my biggest takeaway from our recently completed franchise delegation to the two major China growth cities of Shanghai and Chongqing. Whatever pre-conceived ideas you have about China, leave them behind. As a first time visitor for business or leisure, you will be surprised and your misconceptions shattered when you get there. The best way to truly understand China, its ... read more
2017-10-11 12:19:35
French sporting goods giant Decathlon is gearing up for its entry into the Australian retail market, with reports that it will open the doors on its first Sydney store by the end of Spring. Decathlon, an international sports retail juggernaut that turns over more than $10 billion annually across Europe and Asia, has been eying off Australia for more than a year. It is now advertising for staff for a spring ... read more
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