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Do you have a China strategy? We can help plan your first steps to export success

By Centre Contributor

Do you have a China strategy? We can help plan your first steps to export success

Interest in your franchised product or service is not a solid enough foundation to set forth on expansion into China – you need to develop a detailed roadmap to guide the way.

While China is a market full of franchising opportunities, there are just as many challenges, which makes due diligence more important than in any other new territory you will enter.

To help steer your China strategy in the right direction, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence in conjunction with Asia-Wide Franchise Consultants is hosting a special franchise delegation to Shanghai and Chongqing in late October/early November.

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This is a unique franchise-focussed opportunity to explore two of China’s biggest growth cities, with unrivalled efficiency, access, local market knowledge, insights and contacts.

Importantly, participants will gain a first-hand understanding of everything that is needed for franchise success in China, from tailoring their offering to local tastes, culture and trends to traversing the unique Chinese minefield of regulations, leasing and legal requirements.

There are many franchise brands that receive positive interest or enquiries from China and mistakenly believe this is enough for them to embark on a major expansion program.

But as the China experiences of big and small franchise chains from around the world have shown, this is a market that is quick to seduce and also burn through money and motivation.

“Every franchise that has entered China has learnt some hard lessons, even the biggest global brands,” says Albert Kong, the CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants and member of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence Advisory Board.

“The biggest lesson is localisation – understanding the local culture, mentality, drivers of consumer behaviour and adapting your product or service accordingly. You cannot go into China and just insist that this is way we have done it in Australia and other countries. It won’t work in China. You have to really do your homework.”

Our upcoming China franchise delegation, supported by the Franchise Council of Australia, is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself exactly what is happening on the ground in franchising in China, observe the trends and nuances of the local market, and begin a through demand-side analysis and entry framework for your franchise.

Covering 4 nights and 5 days from 31 October to 4 November 2017, this is a highly efficient and targeted franchise study tour of China’s biggest growth cities and focal points for expansion by foreign franchise brands.

You will see things and meet people that you never would on your own, with the benefit of a translator and travelling alongside fellow Australian franchising professionals. We will visit franchise businesses in both Shanghai and Chongqing to observe operations, innovations and trends. You will meet with Chinese franchisors and master franchisees, high net worth Chinese individuals looking to invest, officials from Austrade, the Australian Chamber of Commerce in China and the China Chainstore & Franchise Association.

The delegation will also attend the major Franchise Expo in Chongqing to experience the breadth and depth of franchise systems on offer.

This is your chance to really get to understand the Chinese market and what is required for your franchise to capitalise on the enormous growth potential on offer.

Having a great product or service is not enough. If China is on your radar for franchise expansion, then you must pro-actively develop a detailed market entry strategy.

The best place to start is experiencing franchising in China firsthand with our special China franchise delegation.

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