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Get ahead of the next hot trends to hit Australia on China fact-finding mission

By Centre Contributor

Join the China mission: franchise export opportunity for market growth

Australia continues to rocket up the bucket list of the most desired destinations for Chinese travellers, presenting strategic opportunities for local franchises that are ahead of the game to deliver the culturally-specific products and services these tourists crave away from home.

According to new research, Australia has leapt up the bucket list of Chinese tourists to now be their fourth most desirable travel destination in the world, up from 10th just two years ago. Australia is now behind only Japan, Thailand and the USA as the most favoured destination for Chinese tourists.

The research by Asian capital markets group CLSA predicted if all the travel hopes of Chinese visiting Australia were fulfilled, there would be a massive rise from the current 1.2 million tourists a year to 2.9 million over the next three years.

Not all will come, but there is no doubt Chinese tourism to Australia is on the rise and will continue to dramatically increase, with our safety and experience-based natural attractions key drawcards.

According to Tourism Australia statistics, China was Australia’s second largest market for visitor arrivals in 2016, just behind New Zealand, and the largest for tourist expenditure. A total of 1.2 million Chinese visitors arrived in Australia in 2016, generating $9.2 billion in total expenditure. The annual Chinese tourism spend is forecast to rise to $13 billion by 2020.

So what does this all mean for Australian franchisors? You don’t have to look back far for evidence of how international tourism trends can have a major influence on the products and services provided by local businesses to meet specific cultural demands.

The last big tourist boom to Australia was that of Japanese tourists in the 1980s and 1990s. This led to a proliferation of Japanese restaurants catering to their tastes, the most obvious example being the subsequent strong emergence of sushi on the Australian food scene.

While initially introduced to meet the needs of Japanese tourists, sushi also became readily accepted by Australian consumers and is now widespread across local food courts, shopping centres, retail strips and is a sizeable player in the Australian franchising sector.

What will be the next big internationally-influenced food trends to hit our shores? Which ones will be in the biggest demand from international visitors, and which will have the biggest chances of also being adopted by local consumers?

Given our increasingly close tourism and economic ties, China is where you are most likely to find these answers and gain a valuable first mover advantage over your competitors in Australia. 

Join our special franchise-focussed delegation to the major Chinese cities of Shanghai and Chongqing this October/November to find out what is happening on the ground in China today, so you will be well placed at the forefront of tomorrow’s trends in Australia.

Download the 'Franchise Delegation to Shanghai and Chongqing' information pack. 

Smart franchisors are always innovating, experimenting and searching out the next big consumer trends, before they become mainstream. This is your chance to do just that with a unique behind-the-scenes look at franchising in two of China’s biggest growth cities.

You will see things and meet people you never would on your own, tapping into the insights and experience of local experts in a safe, efficient and franchise-focussed environment. 

You can also attend our August webinar and ask questions.

Hosted by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, in conjunction with Asia-Wide Franchise Consultants, our franchise delegation will attend the major Franchise Expo in Chongqing as well as site visits to a range of franchise outlets in Shanghai and Chongqing to observe operations. You will also meet with Chinese franchisors and master franchisees, high net worth Chinese individuals, officials from Austrade, the Australian Chamber of Commerce in China, and the China Chainstore & Franchise Association.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the latest Chinese consumer and franchise trends through a hands-on visit to two of its biggest growth markets, and bring back exciting new ideas and innovations for the benefit of your business in Australia.

To express your interest and to receive further information on this delegation, contact Kerry Miles on (07) 3382 1125 or

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