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2017-11-07 10:44:42
It is possible for national and local area marketing to work hand-in-hand to deliver wide-ranging benefits right across a franchise network. For proof, look no further than the experiences of one of Australian franchising’s leading success stories – Just Cuts. Kendall Meijer, National Marketing Manager of Just Cuts, and Maree Magdas, Corporate Marketing Manager of Just Cuts, presented at the recent Franchise Marketing Forum and shared ... read more
2017-11-07 10:25:03
It is a constant battle to balance the conflicting needs of customers and franchisees in online sales, but it is well worth the effort if you can achieve it. That was the message from Darren Gunton, General Manager of Marketing at Total Tools, at the recent Franchise Marketing Forum. Total Tools is a ‘big box’ tool retailer that has 65 stores across Australia, opens around 10 new stores a year and enjoys annual ... read more
2017-11-06 10:14:55
The Open Exchange is always one of the highlights of the annual Franchise Marketing Forum and this year’s highly-interactive and engaging group discussions were no exception. The hot issues in franchise marketing were put under the microscope and examined from every angle by Forum attendees in an open and frank exchange of ideas. This year’s topics covered everything from motivating and incentivising franchisees to activate LAM initiatives; social media misfires and bullseyes; recruiting, retaining and rewarding ... read more
2017-10-23 16:33:28
Franchise marketing funds are in the spotlight with the ACCC again reminding franchisors of their marking fund reporting requirements under the Franchising Code of Conduct. The Code requires franchisors to prepare an annual financial statement to franchisees, disclosing their marketing fund’s receipts and expenses, and to provide a copy of this statement to franchisees by no later than four months after the end of the financial year. This ... read more
2017-10-11 13:24:08
12RND fitness is a high-intensity fitness franchise with an ongoing vision of aggressive growth within an ambitious timeframe. Initially, founder of 12RND Tim West faced the constant problem of brand dilution and inefficiencies in the production of local area marketing material, even while the business was far smaller than it is today. The Vision for Brand Growth With the knowledge that any small problem intensifies with growth, Tim went ... read more
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