Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence

2017-04-24 12:07:49
Franchise brands face a huge crossroads in relation to brand consistency and adaptability. On one hand the whole franchise and business reputation is built on brand recognition, and without this recognition a franchise is no stronger than the independent alternative in the market. So brand consistency and integrity become top of mind to maintain and grow a franchise positioning in the market. However it is important for each and every franchisee to feel they have ownership and ... read more
2017-04-10 15:57:41
McDonald’s, Boost Juice and Bakers Delight immediately call to mind the products, prices, and people you can expect at these franchises. McDonald’s means cheap and cheerful. Boost Juice means high-energy health. Bakers Delight means freshly baked bread. These top franchise brands represent the same values for their customers through consistent branding and customer experience. This is no small feat: delivering a consistent brand experience for your franchise across many ... read more
2017-04-10 14:05:31
The Asia­-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence is pleased to announce an exciting new strategic partnership with franchise brand automation and marketing production specialists, Outfit. The strategic partnership over the next 12 months will deliver a range of benefits to franchise businesses to help them effectively and efficiently address the issue of brand consistency in franchising. Outfit will be providing research, white papers, webinars, feature articles, and advice on the various ... read more
2017-02-28 11:31:40
Franchise marketing funds have hit the headlines courtesy of the bright media spotlight on the operations of the Domino’s pizza chain. The intense media focus on Domino’s has now unearthed allegations surrounding its franchisee-funded marketing fund, which are being investigated by the ACCC for potential breaches of the Franchise Code of Conduct. According to Fairfax Media, Domino’s failed to provide franchisees with its annual marketing fund statement, detailing how much money is raised and how it is ... read more
2017-01-31 14:58:08
The majority of franchisors are now actively supporting a wide range of digital marketing initiatives across their franchise networks, including two-thirds allowing franchisees to have their own social media pages. These were some of the main findings of a digital marketing survey conducted by Brand Machine at the 2016 Franchise Marketing Forum. If you are a franchisor and you are not engaged with ... read more
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