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2017-07-18 14:01:21
Do you really care about your franchise brand? This is not rhetorical, but a genuine question. We have been talking to several franchise brands in Australia and overseas and realised that some franchisors just don’t get the importance of branding, so here is my ‘wake-up call’. Your franchise brand is what your business IS, not what your business wants or claims to be. Therefore, building and maintaining a ... read more
2017-07-18 13:34:23
Social media is a challenging and fast-moving area for franchisors to consistently manage across their franchise networks. But don’t fear the experts at Outfit have it all figured out for you and will be presenting a FREE Webinar on Wednesday 9 August 2017 on the simple ways to ensure stress-free social media for franchisors and franchisees alike. The Outfit team will showcase how their powerful cloud-based ... read more
2017-07-03 21:13:05
We are all time-poor these days, focusing on running our businesses nationally and/or locally while juggling family and personal commitments. We hear many say they don’t really have time for social media; reality is though we need to be where our customers and potential customers are. We need to mingle where they mingle and, if that includes social media, we need to find a way to fit this into our busy schedules. The Outfit platform and the experts at Outfit have this figured out ... read more
2017-06-20 15:42:59
Automation has historically implied the replacement of people power by sophisticated machinery. We see this happening with machines replacing factory workers, self-driven cars replacing taxi drivers, and narrative science and data analysis replacing journalists. In marketing, automation is changing rather than replacing jobs. Hootsuite automates the publication of social media posts, HubSpot automates prompts to remind shoppers of their abandoned online purchases, and Ask Nicely automates net promoter score ... read more
2017-05-23 15:05:45
Brand ‘policing’ can be a common point of contention and frustration across a franchise network, particularly when enforced through static brand guidelines, manuals and workflows. However, there is an alternative approach to this tough job, with innovative cloud-based digital branding platforms providing the tools for franchisees to easily undertake their own Local Area Marketing (LAM), while still maintaining all-important brand consistency. In its first webinar for the Asia ... read more
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