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12RND Fitness Franchise grows 10 fold with Brand Automation technology

By Bek Agius

12RND Fitness Franchise grows 10 fold with Brand Automation technology

12RND fitness is a high-intensity fitness franchise with an ongoing vision of aggressive growth within an ambitious timeframe. Initially, founder of 12RND Tim West faced the constant problem of brand dilution and inefficiencies in the production of local area marketing material, even while the business was far smaller than it is today.


The Vision for Brand Growth

With the knowledge that any small problem intensifies with growth, Tim went in search of a cost-effective solution that could support his growing franchise network and scale efficiently over time.

12RND started using the Outfit platform over 12 months ago as a way to make it easier for their 4 franchisees to generate local area marketing initiatives for themselves with easy to use, consistently branded templates.

Users at 12RND were empowered to create social content featuring relevant imagery of their members and render it efficiently without burning significant time and resources at HQ that should be spent running their business.
Tim comments, “12 months into using Outfit, our franchisees can now create their first pre-launch campaign in under 10 minutes. This has significantly decreased the time it takes to get a new franchisee on their feet and running their business.”

12RND started out with a simple suite of social media templates and flyers and has grown to encompass every repeatable piece of marketing collateral from their Pre Launch Kit for new locations, to wall and window decals, promotional material like DL flyers and all personal collateral like business cards and email signatures.


The Partnership with Outfit

The relationship over the past 12 months with Outfit has supported the business growth to over 40 locations with plans for continued aggressive growth over the next 12 months, and expansion into the UK next on the horizon.

Outfit has also delivered cost savings by significantly reducing outsourced design work. Rather than paying a graphic designer for every slight variation or location change, only the initial design is required from the graphic designer; the image, text and themed changes can be made by franchisees through Outfit. This also means franchisees can repurpose existing campaigns from other clubs, making the network more integrated, as Outfit naturally encourages collaboration.

12RND has been contributing to the continuous evolution of Outfit, providing feedback on user experience and insights for the team at Outfit to further customise the platform for growing franchise networks.  


Bek AgiusBek is an Outfit Account Manager based in Brisbane, with a background in digital marketing. Bek is experienced in contract, freelance, in-house and agency environments across the building, real estate, retail and creative industries. She is passionate about good [consistent] design, continuous innovation and Integrated Marketing Communications.