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Five franchise marketing tips

Five franchise marketing tips

Franchise marketing success seems to hinge on franchisee involvement.

This was one of the resounding messages from a number of speakers at last Franchise Marketing Forum.

With the program for this year’s Franchise Marketing Forum currently being finalised, now is the perfect time to review five key gems from the day.

1. Franchisee involvement is the key to effective marketing

As touched on above, franchisees need to be involved in the marketing process.  Whether it’s a re-brand or a national campaign, if franchisees feel they have input into the project they’ll develop a sense of ownership and get behind the brand and/or campaign. On a campaign level it could be as simple as allowing a few key franchisees provide feedback, or be involved in the campaign sign-off process.  Franchisees will listen to other franchisees so by having a few key franchisees involved, it gives franchisees a sense of ownership of campaigns.  If it’s re-branding, you need to get them involved in the process and keep them informed each step of the way so they feel they own the brand. If they feel they own the brand, the re-branding process will be much simpler.

2. Establish an internal advertising calendar

Again recommended by multiple speakers, franchisees need to know what’s going on when it comes to advertising.  Ribs and Rumps Marketing Manager Scott Hamilton said it was much better to have a franchisee know what’s happening even if it risks a competitor finding out.  Further, national campaigns work much better when supported by local area marketing, which is another reason to develop an internal advertising calendar which is circulated to franchisees.  This is an area where there’s been resistance by franchises in the past however with multiple speakers making the recommendation the pros must clearly outweigh the cons.

3. Develop a Local Area Marketing portal

Local Area Marketing Portals are also proving popular, where franchisors provide a range of local area marketing tools available via an online portal which franchisees can access at anytime and make minor changes too, to localise the tool and either print off or place an order through the system.  It puts the franchisee in the driving seat while preserving brand integrity and can easily be tracked and tweaked as required.

4. Get your franchisees to work regionally with their local area marketing

This is another gem from Ribs and Rumps Marketing Manager Scott Hamilton (formerly of Eagle Boys and Red Rooster).  When franchisees in a region pool their resources they can get more bang for their buck, and it also ensures consistent messaging is out in the marketplace.

5. Incentivise

Whether it’s incentivising your marketing team, incentivising your franchisees to participate in local area marketing, or incentivising franchisee staff to ensure national campaigns run smoothly and are adopted in-store, incentives, or ‘golden handcuffs’ as former Brumby’s CEO Michael Sherlock describes them, will drive results.

There were also some great discussions in the roundtable Open Exchange session, where delegates workshopped solutions to everyday franchise marketing issues.

Plus, the new Facebook changes, and the maze of new marketing opportunities which come with those changes providing a very targeted and personalised marketing channel, were also explored among a range of other topics.

Missed the event? Access it on demand

If you missed the event, it doesn’t mean to say you have to miss out on all the knowledge shared during the day. You can now access the recordings from the day online – on demand 24/7 for a small fee.  Find out more here.