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National marketing focus can also pay off locally – the Just Cuts experience

By Centre Contributor

National marketing focus can also pay off locally – the Just Cuts experience

It is possible for national and local area marketing to work hand-in-hand to deliver wide-ranging benefits right across a franchise network. For proof, look no further than the experiences of one of Australian franchising’s leading success stories – Just Cuts.
Kendall Meijer, National Marketing Manager of Just Cuts, and Maree Magdas, Corporate Marketing Manager of Just Cuts, presented at the recent Franchise Marketing Forum and shared some of their key tips from inside the 200-salon franchised hairdressing chain.

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Kendall explained that Just Cuts is a fixed-fee franchise (12 haircuts a week constitute the franchise fee, with a further 5 haircuts a week going to the marketing fund) and this simple, flat model allows a head office team of just 12 people to support the largest franchised hairdressing network in the southern hemisphere.

She said national promotions are the major focus of the group’s marketing strategy, and they are designed in a way that enables franchisees to seamlessly capitalise on them for their own Local Area Marketing (LAM) efforts. “We run 4-5 big national promotions a year,” Kendall said. “We maximise our national promotions and encourage the local area marketing of our franchisees to leverage off that.”

Planning and communication are vital to extracting full value from such campaigns, at both a national and local level. All Just Cuts franchisees receive a Marketing Planner that highlights the key events which many of the national promotions are centred on, such as Christmas, Back to School, Mother’s Day etc. Franchisees also receive a LAM guide and have access to an online LAM portal and regular LAM training sessions.

Kendall said a big focus of Just Cuts’ head office marketing is generating relevant, effective and engaging content that franchisees can then utilise and tailor to their own salons.

She said getting franchisees to develop strong relationships with shopping centre marketing managers where their salons are located is one of the critical factors in LAM success. “This relationship is really important as they (shopping centres) are craving content.”

The responsibility for Just Cuts franchisees to run their own Facebook pages is another important component of the Just Cuts marketing approach. Head office runs a company Just Cuts Facebook page and then individual franchisees have the freedom to run their own.

Maree admitted that it is not possible to monitor what all Just Cuts franchisees are up to all the time on Facebook, but they are provided with training and a guide and random audits are conducted. “It is not in their best interests to move away from the brand and other franchisees usually notify us if anyone has gone rogue. They are our little helpers.”

Just Cuts also established a closed Owners Facebook page, which has proved a valuable forum for them to communicate and share problems and ideas with each other. The annual Owners Conference is another important outlet for communication, learning and support throughout the Just Cuts franchise network. Innovation and big ideas are also crucial in creating successful franchise marketing that engages and invigorates franchisees.

Maree said Just Cuts is currently in the process of finalising its branded App which will soon be available for download from the Apple store. The Just Cuts App was developed from working groups with franchisees and is designed to be easy to use for both customers and franchisees. It includes an online check-in function where customers can remotely put their name in the queue at their nearest store, get an estimated wait time, and then be greeted and seated when they arrive for their haircut. 

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