The Franchise Centre

Social Media for Franchises in 3 Simple Steps

By Ash Thompson

We are all time-poor these days, focusing on running our businesses nationally and/or locally while juggling family and personal commitments. We hear many say they don’t really have time for social media; reality is though we need to be where our customers and potential customers are. We need to mingle where they mingle and, if that includes social media, we need to find a way to fit this into our busy schedules.

The Outfit platform and the experts at Outfit have this figured out for you! With Outfit you have beautifully designed social media posts ready to go; you only need to add the promotion you are working on, review it and off you post it on your social channels. By using our platform you will be able to promote national and local campaigns in a matter of minutes! 

Watch the Outfit webinar recording for their social media tactics and ideas for decentralised branded social media for franchisors and franchisees.


Watch the webinar recording now >>

Ash ThompsonA blend of interests and natural curiosity has landed Ash right in the middle of all the fun at Outfit. In her role as Head of Customer Success, Ash understands product development, marketing, brand strategy, and that simple question of “How can we do it better?”