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Solving the dilemma of digital marketing – find out how at our special workshops

By Centre Contributor

Solving the dilemma of digital marketing – find out how at our special workshops

The world of digital marketing is one of the fastest changing and most challenging areas for any business, with franchise networks posing additional pressures in balancing the competing digital needs of customers, franchisees and franchisors.
How can you optimise the speed and impact of the digital experience for customers?
How can you empower franchisees to undertake their own digital local area marketing?
How do you do this while still maintaining critical control of brand identity and consistency?

To help navigate and conquer the digital marketing minefield in franchising, we have secured two leading digital marketing experts, Epicuest and Outfit, to present two special workshops on the latest trends, innovations and solutions in this fast moving field.

This half-day event will be held in Brisbane on Thursday 26 October, the day prior to the full-day Franchise Marketing Forum on Friday 27 October, and is free for all Forum attendees and special franchise guests.

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The Epicuest and Outfit workshops will cover all things digital marketing, from local area marketing, social media and cloud marketing to branding, beacons and SMS, in an open and interactive setting with plenty of time for demonstrations, discussions and questions.

Don’t miss this chance to hear direct from the experts in digital marketing and gain practical takeaway learnings and solutions to easily implement in your franchise network.

This special digital marketing event will be presented in two workshops, with the first featuring Billy Bowyer and Scotty Thomas from Epicuest on the topic of ‘Customer Experience Optimisation (CXO) – is the new black!’.

Customer Experience Optimisation is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions for the purpose of meeting or exceeding customer expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

The Epicuest workshop will demonstrate how to leverage the latest digital marketing innovations to create Customer Experience Optimisation comparable to world leading experience brands such as Apple and Virgin. This includes how to employ beacons to alert local traffic walking by your outlets and how to execute effective digital local area marketing and SMS campaigns, while still maintaining brand integrity.

This will be followed by the second workshop from Ash Thompson and David Barzilay of Outfit on the topic of ‘Marketing Campaigns: from National to Local'.

The Outfit team will focus on the key challenges in localising national marketing campaigns and showcase efficient cloud-based digital solutions to streamline this process. Access to cloud-based marketing can empower franchisees with the resources and tools to conduct their own digital local area marketing and social media in a simple way that is still brand controlled and complies with national guidelines.

Based on Outfit’s experience working with franchise networks, they estimate that marketing production costs can be reduced by up to 65% by creating efficiencies, simplifying workflow and utilsing the best available tools via the cloud.

Outfit will use the workshop to demonstrate the effectiveness of this solution and will also provide trial accounts to their cloud-based brand management platform to all franchise brands attending the workshop.

These practical, highly-interactive and solution-focused workshops are a must for anyone struggling with the dilemma of digital marketing in franchising.

Learn how to get on top off digital marketing and start capitalising on the huge potential to connect franchisees and customers online via the latest digital innovations and tools that can be easily tailored to your franchise network.

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The workshops will be held in Brisbane on Thursday 26 October 2017 from 12pm-5pm.

This is value-add event to the full-day Franchise Marketing Forum, featuring a stellar line-up of leading franchise marketers and stimulating group discussions and debate on the hottest issues in franchise marketing, to be held the following day on Friday 27 October 2017.