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The Future of Franchise Local Area Marketing

By David Barzilay

Franchise brands face a huge crossroads in relation to brand consistency and adaptability. On one hand the whole franchise and business reputation is built on brand recognition, and without this recognition a franchise is no stronger than the independent alternative in the market.

So brand consistency and integrity become top of mind to maintain and grow a franchise positioning in the market. However it is important for each and every franchisee to feel they have ownership and autonomy with the brand, after all it is their business and they want to run it as such.

So where does this leave the marketing team? Do they try and lock down the brand and enforce the guidelines and perhaps miss opportunities? Or do they take a looser approach to governance and risk potentially damaging the brand?

There is another option, which means marketing teams can tackle both, by adopting technologies like Outfit which help them streamline their marketing production, enable their whole franchisee network to grab every marketing opportunity with both hands, whilst still maintaining brand consistency.

Outfit will be covering off the importance of brand consistency within a franchise network, the current challenges franchise marketing teams are facing and some branding trends in the upcoming webinar at 12pm on 17 May 2017.

Outfit will provide key takeaways on how you can start to utilise technology to address brand consistency and make your franchise network adaptable to our fast-paced digital world.

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For growing franchise networks it can be a huge challenge to keep on top of ever increasing marketing requests while maintaining brand consistency.

Did you know that new cloud branding and marketing technology can provide an easy solution to this common problem by empowering franchisees with the tools for their own local area marketing?

This practical digital solution will not only save time and resources right throughout your franchise network, it will also provide the confidence that your franchise brand is being represented exactly how it should be, every time.

Outfit provides customised brand and marketing automation platforms for some of Australia’s fastest growing franchises and is hosting a special webinar on this topic at 12pm on 17 May 2017.

This is your opportunity to learn from the leaders in this field on the digital solutions to address the dual franchise concerns of ensuring brand consistency while simplifying local area marketing.

Cloud branding and marketing platforms give individual franchisees the ability to produce on-brand marketing collateral, whenever and wherever they need.  

Head office teams can completely empower the franchise network to fulfill their own marketing requests and needs, while still being able to monitor activity across the network. 

By implementing your digital assets in a cloud branding and marketing platform, franchisees can automatically customise each piece of marketing collateral for their local area.

This frees up head office resources while also enabling franchisees to focus more on the important job of growing their own business.

This responsive cloud technology can deliver enormous benefits throughout a franchise network and ensure consistent, controlled local area marketing that protects and enhances brand equity.

In the upcoming webinar, Outfit will examine the importance of brand consistency within a franchise network, the current challenges facing franchise marketing teams and the easy digital solutions available via cloud branding and marketing platforms.

Register today to find out how you can utilise the latest technologies to manage brand consistency and make your franchise adaptable and responsive.


Cloud Branding & Marketing Key Benefits:

- Improve collaboration with franchisees

- Brand controlled creative design

- Reduce costs for design services 

- Accessible digital assets in a cloud

- Simplify Local Area Marketing

- Simplify Social Media with templates

- Automate repetitive artwork collateral

- Up-scale consistent marketing production

- Empower franchisees with marketing tools

- Simple self-service user dashboard


The Facilitator:

Ash Thompson is the head of custom service at Outfit. Ash understands product development, marketing, brand strategy, and that simple question of “How can we do it better?”.



David BarzilayDavid is the senior hands-on marketer at Outfit. A strong advocate for integrating digital with above-the-line marketing, David believes every customer and staff should be a brand ambassador. You can reach him on LinkedIn.